viernes, 31 de octubre de 2008

Since and for

I have been in Ibiza since I Was born in 1980
I have studied since 2007
He has played tennis for 10 years
I have been building my house for two years

domingo, 26 de octubre de 2008

I have found a new blog in english...


Hello! this blog have a lot of exercices in english for our future pupils!

viernes, 24 de octubre de 2008

-ing or -ed

I’m really tired because it's too late
The plot on this book is interesting
He is frightened of darkness
You are bored in the cinema
This computer is really old, it's surprising that it works!
This class is satisfying because we are learning a lot

Have got and have

Do you have a pet?
I have got a beautiful, grey cat
Have you got a grey cat?
You don’t have a beautiful cat
I had a black cat
Did you have a grey or a black cat?

Will have done

Jordi starts at nine o’clock, so he will have gone to work at 8.30 in the morning
Before you arrive, I will have cleaned all the house
She is really fast, she will have done it by this evening
I’m sure you will have woken up before eight o’oclok

Will be going

At eleven o’clock I will be sleeping and you will be watching TV
Are you working tomorrow? No, tomorrow I will be riding horse
Next month I will be living in Marruecos, so I can’t go with you
At this time on Friday we will be dancing and enjoying your party

Be going to

I am going to travel to New York to visit my family next holidays
Sam works in the school, we are going to see him tomorrow
Look at the blue sky, it’s going to be a nice day
Why are you turning off the light? I’m going to read my book


Shall I turn on the lights?
Shall we go out today?


Have you got any problems with the exercises? I will help you
When you drive a car I will phone her
Maybe one day I will go to Canada
I will not say anything. I promise

Present tenses for the future

We are baking cakes tomorrow
Are you working next Saturday?
I'm getting married next year
What time does the film start?
My sister arrives at six o'clock

viernes, 17 de octubre de 2008

Past perfect continuous

Ana had been working with dangerous products before she felt ill
We had been playing for one hour when it started to rain
Before he arrived, I had been buying some food
At the end the bus came. I had been waiting for fifteen minutes

Past perfect

I didn't Know your friend. I had never seen him before
When I went to the shop, Jordi had bought it
we went to the disco last night, the disco had closed few minutes before
Last year I bought a car because my sister had had an accident

Present perfect continuous

How long have you been watching TV?
My boyfriend has been working for two days in Formentera
I have been making cakes for my pupils
My sister has been working since my mother died

Present perfect

I have studied since six years old
She has eaten a big sandwich but she is still hungry
The police have arrested a woman who has stolen a pair of troussers
Do you now where is Maria is? yes, I have just seen her

Past continuos

Toni was waiting for me when I arrived
I was studying and they were playing tennis
At eleven o'clock I was sleeping
She was having a shower while her daughter was sitting on the bed

Past simple

I rang you last Saturday
Did you have the same car in 2006?
I caught the bus and then I lost my keys
Velázquez painted "Las Meninas"

Present simple

I work in my house every Monday
My cat is a nice friend
I think you have to change your opinion about that problem
We catch a train early in the moorning

Present continuous

I am writing on my blog some sentences in present continuous
You are always watching TV!
Is your sister arriving?
We are walking too fast