miércoles, 31 de diciembre de 2008


All of her family wanted a boy, but in 1980, the 6th of March, a girl was born , a nice blond baby. She was the third girl. There were two more sisters: Catalina and Carmen. She was happy in ‘Cas Campané’, a house situed in the countryside. She played with animals, ran in the woods and rode her bicycle all day long. But soon she started school in ‘Sant Joan’ and she had to study and start her responsabilities. In ‘Sant Joan’ she met Cati, her best friend and they are still inseparable today, they have been friends all their life and maybe they always will be. Eight years later, she started high school. Before she had finished, she spent a long time thinking about her future: her degree, her professional career… And she decided to be a physiotherapist. The summer before she started her course in Barcelona, she went to Dublin to study English. She stayed with a nice family and she remembers the experience as a great moment. In Barcelona, Cati, Toni (another nice friend!) and Marga rented a flat and they lived there for three years. Cati was studying to be a nurse and Toni to be a teacher. They were having fun in Barcelona, but the time to come back to Ibiza arrived. Marga started working with disabled boys and girls in schools. Seven years later, she is still working in the same place and she loves her professional career. In that time, she has learned a lot of things about these boys and girls and three years ago she decided to start her degree as a special education teacher. She doesn’t know if she is going to be a teacher or if she is going to continue with physiotherapy… time will decide!.
In her personal life, she is building her future house. She is excited about the project but it is really difficult to work in the school, study in the afternoon and have time to buy doors, buy windows, decide on the kitchen, think about the furniture… Her boyfriend, called Jordi, is a nice guy and he is helping her a lot!. Estela and Arantxa, her nieces, are happy because they will be swimming in the pool next summer. The house is situated near ‘Cas Campané’, the place where Marga played when she was a girl and the place where her father, Vicente, and her sisters Carmen and Catalina live. Her sisters are married to Joan and Miguel. Marga is happy living near the family and being with her nieces all the time that she wants. Pilusa, her cat, is happy too because now she is living in a flat and soon she will play with the birds and the mice…

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